St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church

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St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church

3112 W. Broadway • Louisville, Kentucky • 40211

We invite you to worship with us each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM. Holy Day masses begin at 7 PM (mass locations may vary).

 We are a faith-filled and family focused African American parish, with a blend of faith family members from people of African descent. We are committed to providing the Good News, developing holistic Afrocentric programs and outreach to those with spiritual and human needs, as we become a beacon of hope in our community. We place great emphasis on outreach to families, particularly our elders, males and youth. 

St. Martin de Porres is the second largest African American parish in Metro Louisville with 473 families and over 1,340 individual parishioners. Established in 1990 St. Martin de Porres was created from merging St. Benedict, Holy Cross, and St. Charles churches. We are located in the West End of Louisville at 3112 West Broadway. The parish offers 25 different ministries to the community, which serve as vehicles for holistic outreach offering opportunities for enrichment for the whole family. The parish prides itself in it’s Africentric family perspective and it is reflected in every program and celebration offered. The parish offers a six-week summer program, which serves to bridge the academic development with arts and Africentric culture.

If you are in search of an opportunity to live your stewardship, join us at St. Martin de Porres, your gifts will be utilized. If you desire to participate in good worship and great preaching inspires you, come to this parish and you will be revived. If you want to come to a place where you feel welcomed as a member of the family, come to this parish and you will be at home.

 We exist to worship, know and serve God. We are worshiping in the name of Jesus.








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